Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Audio Cards of the Day & Contest!

A contest runs through it!

The gorgeous Tarocchi di Vetro deck by Elisabetta Trevisan is my source for today's cards. Yes, three cards, not one: l'Apesso, il Carro, la Temperanza (The Hanged Man, The Chariot and Temperance). They are all sources of illumination.

Now, for our contest! Guess one of these three cards and send your entry to me via comments on my blog (http://hummingwitch.blogspot.com) or through Facebook or Twitter. A winner will be selected at random from all entries with the correct answer. Please be fair and submit only one entry. Thanks!

The prize will be one week's worth of personalized Audio Cards of the Day (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and your weekend, from Friday through Monday).

The deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17, 9AM EST. Best of luck!

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Shell said...

The Hanged Man is coming in with a yes for me.

Kim L. Ford said...

Eva, I feel Temperance.

Janet said...

For me, Temperance. Because I recently experienced a change in location which seems to be related to gaining new perspectives (Hanged Man), I would say that I am singularly focused to a fault at times (Chariot), but Temperance and accepting all aspects of my self is something that I absolutely must strive for.