Friday, July 31, 2009

Magickal Beautiful Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Seven of Pentacles and the Herald (Page) of Pentacles.

Once again, you get two for your money (LOL!) today.

Diligence, precision and appreciation combine with style and beauty. Editing of creative work, studying an art, or simply contemplating beauty are all favored activities for today.

It's a wonderful day to send an artist of any discipline a message of appreciation for his or her work. Really give some thought to doing that, and just do it. Everyone can use a little praise, now and again, and you never know when your words will arrive at just the right moment to lift a spirit.

If you are the artist, think about your work today--how it has progressed and where you might like it to go--and give yourself due props for your accomplishments. You can also attend to revisions and polishing of a project, if needed.

Have a wonderful day, folks!

Eva :-)

©2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Magickally-Crafted Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Eight of Cups and Feed Your Spirit.

Feed Your Spirit is one of the Trust Your Vibes cards by Sonia Choquette. Today, it partners with Tarot's Eight of Cups to suggest that you turn your highest skill towards creating the best and giving the best to yourself.

Here's a prime example: If you can, find time to shop for the best ingredients and cook an excellent meal for yourself (and maybe some lucky others). But even if you can't follow this suggestion in a literal way, you can certainly spend your day make loving choices on your own behalf. In all matters, treat yourself with respect and generosity.

When you feed your spirit, you need not grasp at things that are empty of value.

Concentrate. Pay respect and attention to what you are doing. Be alive in the moment, and put your full self into your actions.

If you generally do not have time or make time for spiritual practice, commit to devoting even just ten minutes to some form of spiritual attunement today, or to service. Do this today. Do it over time, and build your mastery.

For those of you are already engaged in a serious spiritual practice, know that very high energies are working with (and on) you today, nourishing you, crafting you and your experiences.

Have a satisfying day!

Eva :-)

©2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Magickal Deja-Vu-All-Over-Again Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Three of Cups.

You're not going to believe this, folks, but...well, do you remember what I posted around the same time last Wednesday? A (relatively) late post, due to circumstances, and the card drawn was the...yes, it was the Three of Cups!

It's baaaaaack!

Do yourself a favor and re-read last Wednesday's post, here. Even my lateness is a repeat of last week!

Updating that--just a bit--for this week, where the specific design of the Three of Cups from the Golden Tarot of Klimt deck gave me a few new ideas:

In any combination of two, look for the hidden, immaterial or soon to be revealed or manifest third. I'm taking that to mean, for example, the unknown third person in between, in a good or not-so-good way, in a relationship of two people; the third influence in a conflict between two entities; the third option in a decision between two things; the result of a partnership or collaboration between two folks or organizations, and the like. Work with this idea, and you may come to see how its possible meanings can apply to something in your life.

And if you ended up having a wonderful Wednesday last week, let's see if we can repeat and indeed bump that up a notch today! Enjoy!

Eva :-)

PS: I am working on creating a Fan Page for Magickal Day on Facebook. I hope you'll become a fan! Information and a link will go out later.

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Magickal Take-It-Slow Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Three of Pentacles reversed.

You might be feeling some deadline pressure around a project, some weight being applied from the outside world to make a decision, take an action or complete something you've started. Get a sense of your own pace and, if you find that it's truly the right pace, keep to it and don't be hurried. Assure that whatever you're doing has a sound structure and is well-crafted. This goes for material things, physical, health-related matters as well as inner, psychological matters representing processes that cannot be rushed.

If any of you feel a bit under the weather today, ease up on your demands of yourself. Go a little slower and recover your balance and energy. You can catch up with responsibilities later, tomorrow or the next day when your body and brain are sharper.

Today might be a good day for a gentle form of yoga. Or, when possible, a nap.

Love yourself today!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Monday, July 27, 2009

Magickal Queenly Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Queen of Pentacles.

Pregnancy, birth and motherhood--literal or metaphorical--are highlighted and favored today. Conceive of your own inner power, inner command, based on deep intuition and grounded confidence. Give attention to what you have planted; if you've given sufficient care, you will seem some wonderful development. Men, don't forget that this message is for you, too!

A Queen of Pentacles--the one I visualized with my inner eye--beckoned me to her throne to show me the exquisite wood carving of its armrest. She treasures things made with great craft and beauty--and effort. They must be sound, physically durable but also an aesthetic pleasure to which one can return, time and again. Today, you will get a strong sense of what you value.

Some of you will have a different Queen of Pentacles experience today, for I sensed that she can also suggest the role of Queen Mother. So, some of you may feel the experience of being slightly off center stage, dwelling in the background perhaps, still receiving fond respect although you are not in charge, not responsible for how things go, for making things run. In another sense, you might be a symbol of what's valued, what's worth preserving. I can't find a better way of saying this: You are the soul of the matter.

One last impression from this Queen of Pentacles: The actual card I drew comes from Timothy Lantz's The Archeon Tarot deck. I don't use this deck often, but I do rather enjoy the impressionistic murkiness of Lantz's dreamy, elusive images. It's like taking a deep dive into the ocean of Tarot and having to acclimate your eyes. You can tell that Lantz's Queen, in her elegant strapless gown, is beautiful, although her face is mostly turned aside, and her crown is simple in design but rises from her head like licks of gleaming, golden flame. As a queen of the earth element, she is in touch with the humble things of earth but also infused with and radiating the highest energies.

Have a happy and satisfying day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Magickal Day of Spirit


This Magickal Day is powered by the Six of Cups.

There are few cards whose appearance cheer me as much as the Six of Cups. While its traditional meaning implies a love affair, for me, over the years, it has become a sign that "the veil between the worlds is thin," as we say at Samhain (Halloween to you muggles). Its presence in a reading underscores the interest and involvement of Spirit in the matter at hand and is a powerful--and, yes, quite loving--blessing.

So, that is what I leave you with today, for you to apply as is most relevant to your immediate needs. Devote some time today to establishing or furthering a conscious and fabulously creative interaction with Spirit.

For some remarkably timely inspiration, please enjoy the AP news story about the Haghia Sophia angel, linked in my previous post.

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

An angel, formerly unawares


Angel's face uncovered at Istanbul's Haghia Sophia
by Suzan Fraser, Associated Press, July 25, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Magickal Day of Change


This Magickal Day is powered by the Three of Swords.

Circumstances might force you to sacrifice something despite your efforts to hold onto it. It will be best to spend some time determining what's ultimately worth fighting for and what could be let go. It won't be easy to accept but, with careful thought and choice, you can have at least some say in the matter.

Think of the larger picture. Change is not always a 24/7 delight. Sometimes we'll feel as if our clinging fingers are being rudely pried away and things are moving way faster than we can manage. But we're living in intense times. If the flow is a bumpy ride, find a way to go with it that keeps you alert and responsive and ready to take smart action when and where you can.

Have a very good weekend!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Friday, July 24, 2009

Doubling up this Magickal Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Ace of Pentacles and Death reversed.

A funny thing happened on the way to today's Magickal Day card: I drew and discarded one (Ace of Pentacles) and then willfully replaced it with another random draw (Death reversed). Oh, why did I do that?!

Not to worry. I know most of you don't like to see the Death card because you take it literally--which is rarely how Tarot readers see it--and a reversed Death sounds even creepier. But remember that I've talked about how cards have an amazing range of meanings and how I quickly lock onto what they mean in the moment. Well, it turns out that both of these cards are pointing to the same thing with Death reversed just turning up the heat by several notches because I was...well, bored with the Ace of Pentacles or something. My bad.

Change, mostly in practical, material matters, is in the works. Both cards are talking about a new birth--ironic, right? But that Death card is shaking up and clearing obstructions, especially internal, hidden, obscure, formerly elusive but nevertheless devilishly effective ones. The door is swinging open.

So, yes, there's a new birth on the way, and you should see some sign or proof of that today. If you've put energy into a project, look for good movement towards a result or even for the desired result itself to show up today in its infant form. You can continue to nourish it and nurture its growth.

Have a great day!

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Thursday, July 23, 2009

hummingwitch seeks sponsorship


I am seeking ongoing sponsorship for hummingwitch blog--the home of Magickal Day-- including the future production of podcasts and feature articles.

If you are interested in partnering with me in sustaining and expanding hummingwitch, please contact me, using the Contact Eva form link (see right column).

Thank you!

Eva Yaa Asantewaa

Magickal bigger-than-you-think-you-are Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Seven of Wands.

Poor Jupiter! Not only retrograding but socked in the jaw by a rowdy ass...teroid. Good god! What's next?

Today might find you asking "What's next?" and ready to put up your dukes. But hold off and think first before you give into either defensive mode or the temptation to take your hurt and frustration out on someone else. Neither approach will get you where you need to be, which is, psychologically speaking, above the fray.

You are bigger than that, even if it doesn't seem that way at the moment. You have more resources and a bigger reserve of good will. Explore wise and clever ways to move around obstruction or take smarter actions to directly address difficulties. Do things the right way, and you will end up setting the stage for a few unexpected friendships.

Wishing you all the best today,

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Magickal busy-ness day!


This Magickal Day is powered by the Three of Cups.

I apologize for getting this Magickal Day message out so late this morning as I had other important business to complete. With any luck, you are well on your way to having a Three of Cups day, which is to say a very fine day indeed.

This specific Three of Cups day comes all bubbly with secret sauce energy and suggests the perfect discernment and deployment of sweet grace in all things. It's a particularly wonderful day for any projects involving music, metered poetry, any project combining refined aesthetics with measurement and time or the design of space.

Write a sonnet. Buy an attractive watch. Cut out a sewing pattern. Or perhaps rearrange your furniture according to feng shui. Communication of any kind is strongly favored, but conversations in small, intimate groups--even when surrounded by large numbers of others--can be particularly loving and cheering. You can also support and celebrate with someone at a distance and lift a heart.

Enjoy your day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Magickal Fiery Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Ten of Wands.

This already-powerful card + secret sauce (including considerations of the solar eclipse) = fire way out of control. Any Ten card is elemental energy taken to its extreme. Even the happy Ten of Cups can come to mean, in the relevant context, anything from giddiness to complete delirium. So expect high energy out of bounds today. If the Eight of Wands suggests a pressure cooker, and the Nine of Wands the kind of fire that bursts seeds in the forest, laying the base for future healthy growth, today's Ten is the raging inferno. Not to be messed with.

This requires us to do two things:

First, we must consider and decide what's of the highest value to us and fully commit ourselves.

Second, we must remove ourselves and what we value from harm's way and find safe haven.

I am putting this out there with the thought that these statements are primarily metaphorical and that you will find your truths in them as they apply to your own life. It is also possible, though not certain, however, that we'll see the Ten of Swords play out in literal ways in our world, which makes this a good day to spend at least a little time sending out energy of support and strength to the entire planet.

I wish you a day of clarity and strength.


(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Monday, July 20, 2009

Tell your friends about Magickal Day!

Parasols aloft
City Center's 2008 Fall for Dance Festival Lounge
(c)2008, Eva Yaa Asantewaa

If you've been enjoying Magickal Day, please pass it along to your friends. They can subscribe here or at this subcription link and never miss another day of magick!

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Eva :-)

Magickal Planting Day

This Magickal Day is powered by the Seven of Pentacles reversed.

For whatever it is you want to do or want to be, there's still more planting to do. This day offers rich, fertile ground in which to plant it. Today's message is brief and to the point: Sow the seeds now. Don't expect to see immediate results, but if you take beginning steps now, you will definitely get where you want to go. Bless each seed, bless the ground in which you sow it.

Enjoy your day!
Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Magickal Wide-Open Day

This Magickal Day is powered by the Page of Cups.

Draw something from your subconscious dreams and bring it out into the light of day. It could something delightful and wonderful. But it could even be something that frightens you and, thus, holds much secret power for you to reframe and reclaim.

Give it form through writing, art, speech, action, and affirm it as your own.

This is also a good day to take at least one action towards making a conscious dream--an aspiration--come true.

The dreamy, imaginative Page of Cups is every bit a creature of water (the sea beyond) as is the fish in his/her goblet. But both are contained in a material structure: the fish by the goblet; the page by the ground upon which he/she stands. Both are also creatures of the star-flecked ocean of space above and beyond, emphasizing the infinity of possibilities open to you today.

However you choose to interpret this in your own life, the secret sauce says, "Lights! Camera! Action!" Action and increased visibility are emphasized and--literally, if this applies to you--creative activities, especially those involving filmmaking!

Enjoy your day!
Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Magickal SaturDay

This Magickal Day is powered by The Hierophant reversed.

There are at least two schools of thought about The Hierophant.

Old tradition sees this Tarot archetype as the Pope--the highest earthly authority and sole interpreter and mediator of divine will as designated by the Roman Catholic Church--and this presents a problem for modern Tarotistas who trend towards being, well, modern, rather broad-minded, proudly self-directed and even feminist when it comes to matters of the spirit. A lot of Tarot people tend to either dislike the Hierophant--if they take that card's image literally--or they choose to ignore tradition and totally reframe him.

I am decidely in the reframing camp. For me, as for many others today, The Hierophant is a talented go-between--between worlds, cultures, conflicting parties, estranged parts of self--who knows enough about the realities, languages, values and desires of both separate parties to connect them effectively. The Hierophant can also be seen as a shaman who journeys through various worlds. For like-minded Tarot readers, he has been rendered an acceptable and useful force in the Tarot pantheon.

Our Hierophant card, today, is reversed, putting me in mind of two very recent events for two very different reasons.

The first--did you guess it?--is the falling accident and broken wrist suffered by the current pope.

The second--did you guess it?--is the passing of Walter Cronkite, perhaps the most venerable mediator of information. Having grown up watching "Uncle Walter's" news broadcasts--and having had some brushes with media and journalism, myself, I feel very wistful at this loss, especially in this age of the Internet and social media networks.

My "secret sauce" is showing pretty heavy energy on this reversed Hierophant, causing any or all the following possible effects:

--Something that was said to be so, on the best authority, is revealed to be not so.

--A position or opinion firmly held is suddenly flipped.

--Something held tightly is released.

--Authority figures are questioned and exposed and/or deposed.

It's a good day to bear in mind that what appears to be set in stone might not be. There might be a good deal of rumbling and grumbling as forces attempt to hold onto the status quo, but the energy of change will be every bit as fierce and will prevail.

For yourself, consider choosing to allow the Hierophant to access his/her ability to understand a new reality by blending in with it and learning everything about it. Willing release and adaptability will help you today. Resistance will cause stress and damage. Learn a new way of thinking and communicating. Expand your identity. Graciously try something you haven't tried before, and discover new things about yourself.

Wishing you a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Friday, July 17, 2009

Magickal Day of Awareness

This Magickal Day is powered by the Five of Pentacles.

The sun, itself, creates shadows.

So, how are you feeling after your day of unconditional love? Are you feeling great? Mostly great? Great with a curious smidgen of not-so-great?

Sometimes, after taking in a lot of good and feeling immense joy, we're better able to notice those aspects of self--highlighted in high relief--that remain isolated and unhealed. Those shadow parts, homeless parts, suddenly make us feel anywhere from vaguely to profoundly uncomfortable.

So, if you are feeling some of that today, do not worry. It's all part of the process. You now have more information than you had before. Use it.

Begin by taking a close look at what's making you uneasy. Pay attention. Take notes. Dialogue with these unhappy aspects of yourself. Do not flinch. Offer your wonderful understanding to yourself, just as, yesterday, you offered your love to yourself. Listen some more. Take more notes and begin to make a plan.

Go easy on yourself today and begin the process of integration and healing.

Wishing you the best,
Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Channeler requests questions for her next book

Shirley Humphreys Battie, author of the excellent guide book, Channeling, announces that she is preparing a new book based on questions and answers and would like your help.

She will accept questions related to spirit connections, our world, our future--but not personal questions best addressed in private sessions. A selection of these will be posed to her spirit guides and answered in her book.

You may remain anonymous or give her permission to use your name.

She writes: "Many grateful thanks. Now I will stand back and brace myself--ha ha!"

Contact Shirley through her Web site here.

Magickal loving day

This Magickal Day is powered by the Knight of Cups reversed.

This is a day for gift-giving--to yourself! A day for unconditional love--of yourself! The cup of kindness is turned within; the good you regularly give to the world comes back to you, ready for your willing reception. This is a day to get in touch with whether you are sufficiently devoted to yourself and, if not, how that imbalanced situation might be changed.

Explore the spacious, capacious spirit within you. It's an excellent time for yoga, meditation, shamanic journeying and channeling. Work with the subtle body, the subconscious mind and/or the chakra system. Have body work that addresses tuning these areas.

We're all passing through hard times, but do not forget and neglect yourself and, especially, that aspect of you that is glorious.

Wishing you a special day,

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

It's Magickal Day (never believe it's not so!)

This Magickal Day is powered by the Ace of Pentacles.

Today, expect to get a little something--something of substance--rapidly coming at you from a variety of sources, including quite distant ones. It's a good day to really work your network for what you need, especially information, sales or financial contributions. You also might find yourself awash in calls or emails, but that's okay. What you hear and learn today will be useful, planting seeds that you'd do well to nurture. Don't worry if some of these things seem a little vulnerable or vague at this point. They will take root and firm up with the proper amount of attention and faith. Your role is to make sure they touch down in your healthy, fertile ground and to feed them on your interest, positivity and out-and-out love. Go to your network, too, if you need a variety of folks who can speak up on your behalf in any matter.

Wishing you a loving day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Magickal swashbuckling day!

This Magickal Day is powered by the Page of Swords.

Today's reading will be a quickie, in keeping with the speedy--and often impatient--nature of the Page of Swords. This guy/gal has no time to waste.

The message, though, is coming through big time: Think before you speak (or tweet) and don't let anyone draw you into a verbal engagement you'd prefer to let alone.

Judge Sotomayor, this means you!

And, dear reader, this means you, too!

Have a remarkable day!

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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Monday, July 13, 2009

A Magickal Day to levitate the Pentagon

This Magickal Day is powered by the Ten of Pentacles reversed.

On this first day of confirmation hearings for Obama-appointee Judge Sonia Sotomayor, I can't think of a more relevant card than the Ten of Pentacles reversed (and slathered with copious amounts of "secret sauce," let me tell you) to represent all the bellowing, grandstanding and down-and-dirty lying of an established order in fear of demise. This anti-Sotomayor grandstanding will continue, despite the fact of its futility and, even more important, its needlessness. At this point, the Grand Old Party of Self-Saboteurs (GOPSS) has slipped down a greasy chute and would not be able to stop its plunge even if it had the good sense to want to stop.

Today's Ten comes from Robert M. Place's Alchemical Tarot and bears the image of a greybeard with a constellation of coins encrusting his cheek, his beard and his eyes, effectively blinding him--the face of the hidebound Establishment. If he can see anything at all, it's just the reflection of his own eye. Perhaps not so coincidentally, I've got a DVD of The Fog of War--the documentary about the recently-deceased Robert McNamara, Secretary of Defense during the Vietnam War--which I had planned to watch this evening.

On the political (and possibly on the personal) front, you will hear some things that will make you want to rub your eyes--or gag--and get the stinging fog of lies and illusions away from your face. It's a day to question and speak truth to power.

Secret sauce mojo underlies the double fantasy of this day, a confluence of illusions, the reflection of a reflection--as when the moon, reflecting light from the sun, is, in turn, reflected in a still pool of water. Then that water is troubled, and the reflected moon breaks apart.

What is real? What is true? You might not get definitive and satisfying answers today, but it is, at least, important to start the process by asking.

Best wishes to our future Supreme Court Justice...and to you!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back in NYC, that magickal town!

Papessa Iohanna
Rosenwald Sheet (uncut sheet of cards)
Late 15th or early 16th Century
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Back from DC and ready to roll with more "secret sauce" from Tarot's book of piping hot recipes! See you tomorrow!

Eva :-)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quartet of Magickal Days

Today and the following three Magickal Days are powered by:

Today: Six of Wands reversed

Friday: The Hierophant

Saturday: Nine of Wands

Sunday: Seven of Pentacles

Whoa! Four cards at once, Eva?

Yes. I'm going out of town for a few whirlwind days of museum-hopping. So, here's a guide to the next few days in Tarot magick:

Six of Wands reversed: Let this card remind you of all that I've said before about Jupiter retrograde. For a variety of reasons, my "secret sauce" tells me, Jupiter is retrograde in so many ways today, it's virtually doing back flips. On the positive end of things, take the opportunity to pat yourself on the back whenever appropriate and necessary. You might not get the kudos from the external world--not right away, at least--but you have to believe in yourself and love yourself fiercely.

On the other hand, some of you might need to pay attention to the possibility that you're not recognizing--or taking in--respect, admiration and acknowledgement when it's there for the taking. You might need to look at that a little bit and see what's keeping you from enjoying and building upon the fact that others do indeed think well of you.

A further meaning here, applying to some of you, involves timing: Have patience; a little bit longer, and you will see the thing accomplished.

The Hierophant: Friday's card interested me more than all others. I immediately got the impression of something sticky--like double-sided tape. That's kind of funny, since The Hierophant, as I see him, is always between things, providing connection. Friday's Hierophant is definitely connecting by pasting or gluing things together on either side of himself. There's also the attraction factor, says my ever-helpful, ever provocative "secret sauce." One literal interpretation that might please (or frighten) all of you is the possibility of more love than you can handle! Take that literally or metaphorically. Just know that connections will be forged where necessary (and sometimes where unexpected) and that that could be just great or it could increase the need to be discerning about just what/who it is you're connecting or being connected to. Oh, boy!

Nine of Wands: On Saturday, memories of an old battle come to mind. You might find yourself feeling an inexplicable rush of apprehension or bitterness or vulnerability followed closely by a sense of your own integrity and strength and…I can only call it "okay-ness." It's like something from your past takes a sudden walk through your nervous system, lighting up certain trigger points. There's a reason for this. Maybe it's important that you become aware of this unconscious, body-stored history and also acknowledge the reality and victory of your survival.

Seven of Pentacles: Sunday is, indeed, a good day of rest and reflection upon the present or potential fruit of actions taken or the successful effort to move through difficulties. If the weather warrants, get a little sunshine, then spend some time by yourself, pampering yourself, perhaps meditating, writing in your journal or, at least, listening to your own thoughts.

Wishing you a most magickal weekend!

Eva :-)

©2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Magickal Starry Day

This Magickal Day is powered by The Star.

I woke up to a clear, early-morning sky. How appropriate, then, that this day has been blessed by the air-clearing presence of The Star--and not a minute too soon!

Just when it was getting all too heavy, along comes The Star--bouyant, lighter than air, a dazzling silver light dancing through the clouds.

Today favors airing out and cleansing of thoughts and feelings as well as physical things, and you will know which of these will most benefit from your attention.

Communication--especially via technological means and reaching large numbers of people--is also highly favored. Take the wraps off what you've been gestating and holding close to you. It's time to put it out in public view. You could not find a better time to seize upon the power of a network. Communicate and draw to you the right people to help you achieve your goal.

Have a beautiful day!

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Magickal Day addendum--wow!

It was astonishing to write and post that previous Magickal Day post and then read the following:

Mind - Why the Imp in Your Brain Gets Out
by Benedict Carey, The New York Times, July 7, 2009

Magickal Day, Full Moon and...oh, my!

This Magickal Day is powered by The Fool.

Today's "secret sauce" is thick and rich and sloshing all over the cauldron and its surroundings! Goddess, what a mess! You don't want to know!

We've got a Full Moon, a lunar eclipse, the aforementioned retrograding quartet of Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, ethnic violence suddenly erupting in China and people giddily grasping tickets to the King of Pop's memorial as if they're going to see the man do one last moonwalk. We also have--my secret sauce tells me--a Fool who's hellbent on doing whatever s/he pleases with an Id and impulses on auto-pilot.

Seriously, folks, this is a day for all of us to inspect our brakes and recognize when to apply them. The potential for things to blow up bigger than they need to be--including events, work projects, arguments, egos--is quite high. And it's all underscored by a nasty double dose of illusion, confusion, aggression, anger and ignorance.

Sound bad? Personally, I've never read a Fool card this twisted. I usually love the Fool. But, this time, the Fool has leapt into a roiling environment that brings out a shadow--eclipse?--side that these archetypal symbols contain within their extensive range of meanings. All is not sweetness and light.

So, take your time today. Be slow to leap on things, slow to react in speech or action. Breathe. Cool it. Try to keep a clear head.

Give anyone under the influence of the Fool Moon a wide berth. And light a little candle of safety and sanity in your own corner.

Many blessings,
Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Magickal Day group on Facebook!

Magickal Day is now not only announced each day on Facebook; as of today, it has its own Facebook group page! Create community by sharing your questions, experiences and insights with other fans of Magickal Day.

Group membership must be approved by me, and you have to sign up for Facebook to be able to join. If you're not on Facebook yet but would like an invitation to the MD group, send your email address to me at: hummingwitch - [at] - gmail - [dot] - com.

Thanks for your interest!

Eva :-)

Magickal Pentacles Day

This Magickal Day is powered by the Five of Coins/Pentacles.

Consider the following:

1) the change numerologically implied by 5
2) the material, practical value signified by the suit of Pentacles
3) the situation of something being worn out, shabby or damaged
4) the subtle suggestion of recycling implied by the roundness (circle) of a coin
5) the connection of the suit of Pentacles to the earth

Take your choice of two possible strategies:

1) Do an inventory of your life situation: What's in good repair and working? What's worn out? Broken? What can be discarded? What can be repaired? What should be salvaged? What has sufficient remaining value for recycling? Plan your actions today and get ready to start implementing them very soon. Tomorrow's eclipsed Full Moon will usher in a period during which you can take action on your decisions.

2) For this option, you have a considerably shorter window of opportunity. Ideally, you will be able to move on your insights today. You have precisely five rich seeds to plant in the fertile earth of your current situation. What are those five seeds? Draw up a list. Next, identify your fertile ground. What is it? Where is it? What resources does it hold to nurture your seeds? Take the appropriate actions. If you find that you cannot do so at this time, put your list aside for now and focus, instead, on Option #1.

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Magickal Sunshiny--and Tough Loving--Day

This Magickal Day is powered by Justice.

You know that problem you've been dealing with--or, maybe it's better to say, not dealing with? The one you keep pushing back into the shadows? You're going to get a chance to knock that sucker out. But, first, you have to get honest about it.

Resolve, today, to sit down with that Justice part of yourself and take a brave, careful look at the facts. Make Justice your ally.

Justice swoops in with her scales and sword, ready to make the most refined, delicately-calibrated adjustments or, if necessary, swift, radical change. Those functions are very different and, in your situation, either one--or a combination of both--can be possible.

The Justice card I'm looking at is from the Russian Tarot of St. Petersburg, and she combines a certain severity and inevitability with a definite ornateness of costume and decor. I think this is one who "makes the crooked places straight" and had best not be messed with. I'd prefer her in my corner, not opposing me.

She is a rare, bracing force, like the rarity of the sun in this early New York summer. (What a gracious sun we had yesterday for the Fourth of July!) She is a force for clarity, order and honesty in a world where murkiness, disorder and dishonesty seem to hold sway. At the very top of the elaborately-carved archway above Justice's head, the lower half of a sun descends towards her crown. A sign of hope.

Go for it.

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Magickal Day of Independence and Coming Out!

This Magickal Day is powered by the Ace of Cups.

Your first assignment is to read the following New York Times piece:

U.S. Nuns Facing Vatican Scrutiny
by Laurie Goodstein, July 1, 2009

Thank you for taking the time to read that. It sets the stage for what follows here.

Yesterday, I drew the Ace of Cups for today's reading and puzzled over it for a very long time--that puzzlement having little to do with the card itself and everything to do with the challenge of coordinating it with the "secret sauce" with which I now interpret and work our daily Tarot cards.

But when I woke up this morning, I had it. The Ace of Cups, and its secret sauce, led me right back to Goodstein's article which--having been raised in a Roman Catholic household and educational system--I had read with interest and alarm.

So, here is today's message:

The tender and determined Ace of Cups asks us to take a stand for love.

In the face of oppression, stand up and come out for love.

If your understanding of faith leads you to social justice, stand up and come out.

If you are a healer--Catholic or non-Catholic--remember the example of the healer Jesus. Bring forth that which is within you. Bring forth that which is given to you.

If you are queer--within or outside of religion--stand up and come out.

If you are a woman priest in your heart and soul, come out.

If you believe a woman's body is her own and its well-being, her right to direct, stand up; come out.

If you are a heretic, come out. If you are a pagan, come out.

If you are a survivor of mental, physical or sexual abuse by clergy, stand up and come out.

Come out, in big or small ways, on this Day of Independence and on all days from now through the 4th of August.

Let's make this a month of independence, a month of resistance, a month of standing up for one another and coming out as who we are.


(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Friday, July 3, 2009

Magickal (Independence) Days!

Powered by the Ten of Swords

No getting around it, today's Ten of Swords signifies a lot of thought and muscle going into an effort to bring something to an end despite a countering, desperate effort to hold it together. Denial, stubbornness and self-interest will no longer evade the inevitable. The "enders" win.

Come to think of it, what an appropriate card for a America's Independence Day weekend!

Despite the dire look of this card, its presence actually comes as a relief. Enough is enough; underneath it all, you know it. "Time has come today," as the Chambers Brothers used to sing.

The actual getting to any decision represented by this Ten of Sword and/or the implementation of it will most likely require outside pressure--or, on a more positive tip, outside help.

For today: If the commonly-used Rider-Waite deck's image of the Ten of Swords shocks and disturbs you, try this substitute: Think of a person who is kindly, but firmly, leading an elephant out of a living room.

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Magickal Day of Decision?

Thursday, July 2: Today's Magickal Day is powered by The Lovers.

In The Lovers card of the Ancient Minchiate Etruria Tarot, a voluptuous lady holds a crown above the head of a man humbly bowing before her. A Cupid-like cherub aims an arrow right down through the top of the crown. Ooo! That's gonna hurt!

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!"

Looking at this image, I can't help but think of South Carolina's lustful, wandering governor, Mark Sanford, still defiantly clinging to his job while compulsively talking his way out of it, compounding his initial acts of self-sabotage. There's mounting pressure on him to resign, and I bet that, before long, he will be forced to do so.

Jupiter Retrograde, now joined by Uranus Retrograde, continues its unsettling run. Murky power upheavals and reversals of all kinds will also continue--think Iran, Honduras, that nutty New York State Assembly! What else is in the pipeline this summer? Well, at least Al Franken will finally make it into the Senate.

This Jup Retro itself has joined a period in which Neptune and Pluto are also in retrograde. I can't imagine an atmosphere of stranger intensity and disorientation. Every day, we must strive to identify or locate reliable touchstones. We've seen a series of sudden, very sad losses--in the case of Michael Jackson, a death whose disturbing drama continues to unfold. We now add choreographer Pina Bausch and actor Karl Malden to the growing list of celebrities and world-renowned artists who have passed on in the early days of this summer.

In the latter months of 2009, we will see new life, new gifts and new gifted ones, emerging. It will feel as if the whole fraught, constricted, discouraging atmosphere has begun to lift. As Jupiter turns direct, healthy energies will begin to be restored, flowing more freely and gracefully. We will perceive that we're releasing tension, breathing out again, moving forward. We'll be better able to take a look around us, to recognize and feel joy in the company of all with whom we share this journey. A few months later, Uranus will turn direct, building on what Neptune is loosening and Pluto is revealing, and I believe we'll see some sudden, necessary corrections in the status quo.

For today: If you hold, or aspire to, a position of authority, take some time to get in touch with your humility and integrity. You have been given authority on the basis of your ability and willingness to serve something greater than yourself. Move towards releasing the hidden insecurity that secretly eats away at everything you do and everything you hope to be. In a time of transition, confusion and fear, your clarity and genuine strength are needed. Become your full, true self.

Enjoy your magickal day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,

Environment as healer

The Puzzle of Spaces That Soothe by Esther Sternberg, M.D.
reviewed by Abigail Zuger, M.D., The New York Times, June 30, 2009

Magickal Day & just a tiny spoonful of sauce

Today's Magickal Day is powered by Temperance.

Take well-considered, measured steps in all things today, particularly--but by no means exclusively--concerning any ingestion of medication. Less is more today, especially concerning anything ingested, and that includes herbal remedies, food and drink.

(Interestingly, there's news of a concern that people might be damaging their livers by taking too high a dosage of prescription and over-the-counter painkillers.)

Select the right elements in the right amounts, for anything you do. Pay attention and follow instructions carefully. No guessing, no improvisation.

It's an appropriate day for medical consultations, tests and physical adjustments. At the very least, call today to set up an appointment for another day. If you've been delaying, consider taking this important action now.

All intimate conversations are favored, especially ones concerning topics that have been difficult to address in the past. If necessary, mediation is favored--preferably by someone close to one or both of the disputing parties. But even happy, fun chats are favored.

It's also a good day for writing--really, for any communication as long as it's on a personal, intimate level, not a mass level. "Old tech" is favored over "new tech," and face-to-face works best of all.

Enjoy your day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa,