Friday, July 17, 2009

Magickal Day of Awareness

This Magickal Day is powered by the Five of Pentacles.

The sun, itself, creates shadows.

So, how are you feeling after your day of unconditional love? Are you feeling great? Mostly great? Great with a curious smidgen of not-so-great?

Sometimes, after taking in a lot of good and feeling immense joy, we're better able to notice those aspects of self--highlighted in high relief--that remain isolated and unhealed. Those shadow parts, homeless parts, suddenly make us feel anywhere from vaguely to profoundly uncomfortable.

So, if you are feeling some of that today, do not worry. It's all part of the process. You now have more information than you had before. Use it.

Begin by taking a close look at what's making you uneasy. Pay attention. Take notes. Dialogue with these unhappy aspects of yourself. Do not flinch. Offer your wonderful understanding to yourself, just as, yesterday, you offered your love to yourself. Listen some more. Take more notes and begin to make a plan.

Go easy on yourself today and begin the process of integration and healing.

Wishing you the best,
Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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