Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Magickal Day of Decision?

Thursday, July 2: Today's Magickal Day is powered by The Lovers.

In The Lovers card of the Ancient Minchiate Etruria Tarot, a voluptuous lady holds a crown above the head of a man humbly bowing before her. A Cupid-like cherub aims an arrow right down through the top of the crown. Ooo! That's gonna hurt!

"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!"

Looking at this image, I can't help but think of South Carolina's lustful, wandering governor, Mark Sanford, still defiantly clinging to his job while compulsively talking his way out of it, compounding his initial acts of self-sabotage. There's mounting pressure on him to resign, and I bet that, before long, he will be forced to do so.

Jupiter Retrograde, now joined by Uranus Retrograde, continues its unsettling run. Murky power upheavals and reversals of all kinds will also continue--think Iran, Honduras, that nutty New York State Assembly! What else is in the pipeline this summer? Well, at least Al Franken will finally make it into the Senate.

This Jup Retro itself has joined a period in which Neptune and Pluto are also in retrograde. I can't imagine an atmosphere of stranger intensity and disorientation. Every day, we must strive to identify or locate reliable touchstones. We've seen a series of sudden, very sad losses--in the case of Michael Jackson, a death whose disturbing drama continues to unfold. We now add choreographer Pina Bausch and actor Karl Malden to the growing list of celebrities and world-renowned artists who have passed on in the early days of this summer.

In the latter months of 2009, we will see new life, new gifts and new gifted ones, emerging. It will feel as if the whole fraught, constricted, discouraging atmosphere has begun to lift. As Jupiter turns direct, healthy energies will begin to be restored, flowing more freely and gracefully. We will perceive that we're releasing tension, breathing out again, moving forward. We'll be better able to take a look around us, to recognize and feel joy in the company of all with whom we share this journey. A few months later, Uranus will turn direct, building on what Neptune is loosening and Pluto is revealing, and I believe we'll see some sudden, necessary corrections in the status quo.

For today: If you hold, or aspire to, a position of authority, take some time to get in touch with your humility and integrity. You have been given authority on the basis of your ability and willingness to serve something greater than yourself. Move towards releasing the hidden insecurity that secretly eats away at everything you do and everything you hope to be. In a time of transition, confusion and fear, your clarity and genuine strength are needed. Become your full, true self.

Enjoy your magickal day!

Eva :-)

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