Friday, July 3, 2009

Magickal (Independence) Days!

Powered by the Ten of Swords

No getting around it, today's Ten of Swords signifies a lot of thought and muscle going into an effort to bring something to an end despite a countering, desperate effort to hold it together. Denial, stubbornness and self-interest will no longer evade the inevitable. The "enders" win.

Come to think of it, what an appropriate card for a America's Independence Day weekend!

Despite the dire look of this card, its presence actually comes as a relief. Enough is enough; underneath it all, you know it. "Time has come today," as the Chambers Brothers used to sing.

The actual getting to any decision represented by this Ten of Sword and/or the implementation of it will most likely require outside pressure--or, on a more positive tip, outside help.

For today: If the commonly-used Rider-Waite deck's image of the Ten of Swords shocks and disturbs you, try this substitute: Think of a person who is kindly, but firmly, leading an elephant out of a living room.

Eva :-)

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