Thursday, August 13, 2009

Magickal Opalescent Day


This Magickal Thursday is powered by the Queen of Pentacles and Opal.

I'm feeling elusive, lunar shifting from today's Opal, a high degree of variability and--it must be said--unreliability. The wise Queen of Pentacles is modeling how you should ground yourself, stay rooted in your intuition and your truth and keep a careful eye on the movement of things, watching how they change. You cannot mindlessly rely upon ease and luck.

Stay calm and still and watch like a cat. You want to be able to isolate the right moment to act, not move impulsively or according to what looks like a sure thing.

Stay alert and follow the changes. Do they have a rhythm? Or are they erratic? You have to study situations and get good at knowing, anticipating, when something will shift in your favor.

If you are not facing any terribly important decision, interaction or action today, use the Opal/Queen of Pentacles tension as an opportunity to hone your intuitive Queen of Pentacles skills. Surely, these will come in handy some other Magickal Day!

Wishing you an excellent day!

Eva :-)

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