Thursday, October 29, 2009

Magickal Visioning Weekend (Samhain)


This weekend (Samhain), when "the veil between the worlds is thin," consider spending some time nurturing your ability to see, really see. See into, under, around, through, into the past, into the future.

Think of this ability not only as a skill to be developed with dedicated practice--and, yes, it is that--but also as a gift to be received with open hands and a peaceful heart.

In particular, give yourself some quiet, private time, and sit with your eyes closed. Focus on your awareness of your awareness (who am I and where am I now?). When you have a clear sense of your self in that way, shift it ever so slightly from its perceived position in space to the right or the left, or forward or behind.

If you're familiar with the yogic chakra system, you can shift this awareness to any of the chakras that you might like to tune into and explore.

Sit and sense what that feels like and what you now perceive and know that was previously unavailable to you. Do not strain at this practice. Allow it. Ease into it. Become comfortable with it.

In time, you can experiment with shifting your awareness further away from your physical body or explore shifting out of the current time and local place.

Allow this ability to come to you and grow more agile and easily available.
Keep a journal of your experiences as you set yourself stronger challenges.

If you are enjoying this or other aspects of Magickal Day and hummingwitch, please keep me posted on your progress and your questions. If you're serious about this work (and play), I'd love to hear from you!

Have a blessed (and fun) Samhain. For those of you who celebrate this as the turning of a new year, I wish you good health and joy.

Eva :-)

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