Thursday, January 14, 2010

Helping the people of Haiti

There are many online sources of information about how you can help the people of Haiti. Be cautious, though, because the inevitable scams have also quickly emerged.

Here are some lists of reputable humanitarian organizations:

Haiti Disaster Relief: How to Contribute (New York Times) (Huffington Post)

How and where to donate to Haiti (and avoid scams) (Lifehacker)
Please keep in mind my personal favorite, Doctors Without Borders, whose facilities in Haiti were devastated in the earthquake. They do excellent work and will need much help to get continue serving the people.

Thank you.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Poetry: make a charm


make a charm

take a coin from your pocket
or change purse any amount
rub it briskly until it knows you
musky hot from your palms
place this coin say a foot and a half
away from you on a table
gaze at it send vibrations images
think about what you want to see happen
do you want a sunny day?
send the energy of sun
six times to your coin visualize
the sun’s emergence at the dawn of winter
become apollo the angel raphael or ra
or strip down and clown for amaterasu
so that she barrels forth
from her mountain’s depths and laughs
a thousand gongs from its heights
transfer white gold rays from mind
into quarter or nickel penny or dime
until you see feel the subatomic dance
do this once twice thrice six times
wrap your coin in silk or parchment
or just place it apart from all others in a high place
until the sun rolls up in the sky
then you must absolutely must
spend or give it away give it back

what other charms can you make?
send energy once for unity
twice for harmony
thrice for love and fertility
circle a coin with it four times
to multiply that coin twice thrice and more
and anchor it beneath each gate of eden
send energy five times to make revolution
seven for peaceful reflection
eight and none may vanquish you
nine and come tomorrow
you’ll shed the skin that bore you
come tomorrow you are a coin
unwrapped of silk dancing

©2003, Eva Yaa Asantewaa