Monday, July 11, 2011

Review of Teresa Brady's "Ignite Your Psychic Intuition"


Ignite Your Psychic Intution: An A to Z Guide to Developing Your Sixth Sense
by Teresa Brady
Llewellyn Worldwide, 2011
paperback, 269pp
ISBN: 978-0-7387-2170-5

No surprise that Teresa Brady is not only psychic but also works as an attorney. She wields a clear, assertive, persuasive writing style. She's confident and clever--but not overly clever--and aims to instill a similar confidence in her readers. All of that, and some entertaining tales of how she has used clairvoyance in her legal practice, might be the most valuable things about this guide. Unfortunately, the A-to-Z format looks a bit gimmicky and forced.

Brady employs "...a 26-letter mnemonic method I believe will make recall of the tools in this book easy and fun to experience. Years after reading this book, you will instantly remember chapters just by thinking of their corresponding letter" (p. 59).

Do we really need separate chapters on "Breathing" or "Keep Journals" or "Love" or "Peacefulness" simply because of the initials B, K, L and P? This format might visually set Ignite apart from other New Age-y psychic development workbooks, but the material within lacks sufficient distinctiveness and substance. Now consider that Llewellyn's market for books of this nature is probably not absolute newbies but readers who have already eagerly consumed a lot of information--good, bad and indifferent--about all things psychic and paranormal.

Brady's advisory chapters are less useful than earlier passages that help readers connect to one woman's actual experience of being psychic. For instance, she mentions that the heightened senses often overlap, and we simultaneously receive "messages coming through more than one sense" (p. 5). She acknowledges that "third eye vision" might be a misleading term since "you can experience third eye vision from the top, front, sides, and back of the head; or when your eyes are open, closed, looking up or looking down" (p. 8). Her description of how she uses directionality and color in clairvoyance to determine the time factor in her received information can be helpful to psychic development students struggling to recognize, accept and utilize their own idiosyncratic ways of getting and interpreting information.

Ignite is advertised as being "designed for people with busy lives," but if your life is truly so jam-packed that you need a lightweight introduction to opening your mind to the Universe, that condition already offers you a lesson worth learning.

by Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch

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