Friday, October 5, 2007

Mirror, the wall?

You're on the bus or subway, checking the particular gleam of your latest lipgloss or flicking an invisible speck out of your eye. Or so it seems.

In reality, you're doing quantum hoodoo Madge-ick, and no one has to be the wiser.

Make friends with your pocket mirror. Rediscover your Inner Narcissus. You're going to be looking at your reflection, every now and then, and it will appear to all the world that you are simply a very vain (or very insecure) individual.

Use this mirror gazing to:

1. mentally send your lunar self powerful words of affirmation or infusions of energy (e.g., Reiki or other symbols), or

2. mentally send your spirit guides expressions of love, words of thanks or requests for assistance or information.

As you gaze at your face, you might find that your lunar self will make your features change in subtle ways. One of your guides might overlap your energy and make an appearance in a similar fashion, perhaps slightly or dramatically altering your expression or seeming to float in front of your face in a flash. You might not see anything at all but, instead, have feelings or sudden impressions of information.

It's all a matter of your intention. Are you really smoothing your hair back into place? Or are you secretly asking for help with the critically-important presentation you're about to give? Your firm, focused intention will make this mirror madge-ick work.

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