Friday, May 8, 2009

Audio Card of the Weekend: 5/8-11

The Magician (from the Universal Waite Tarot) steps forward to show us ways to tap into vitality, stay focused and call upon our inner strengths and capabilities.

Enjoy your weekend!

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KC said...

thanks, eva! I have a lousy cold and despite trying to convince myseof otherwise finally decided that I couldn't do yoga or go for a bike ride today, two things that wuld have made me feel vital! So I think the magic is going to lie in trying to locate the vitality where it is actually accessible to me this weekend--somewhere beneath the cloak of the cold! We'll see what turns up...So this actually cheered me up! Have a lovely weekend yourself.

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

The magick will be in listening to your body and giving it the space and time to re-balance itself. The Magician, in this sense, stands for your body's own capabilities, your Inner Hermes, Inner Bridget. I wish you a warm, healing weekend! Thanks for writing in!

Shell said...

The Magi , as I call the Magician, is one of my favorite cards. I'll see how the Magi's energy will manifest this weekend especially with The Full Moon.