Saturday, July 18, 2009

Magickal SaturDay

This Magickal Day is powered by The Hierophant reversed.

There are at least two schools of thought about The Hierophant.

Old tradition sees this Tarot archetype as the Pope--the highest earthly authority and sole interpreter and mediator of divine will as designated by the Roman Catholic Church--and this presents a problem for modern Tarotistas who trend towards being, well, modern, rather broad-minded, proudly self-directed and even feminist when it comes to matters of the spirit. A lot of Tarot people tend to either dislike the Hierophant--if they take that card's image literally--or they choose to ignore tradition and totally reframe him.

I am decidely in the reframing camp. For me, as for many others today, The Hierophant is a talented go-between--between worlds, cultures, conflicting parties, estranged parts of self--who knows enough about the realities, languages, values and desires of both separate parties to connect them effectively. The Hierophant can also be seen as a shaman who journeys through various worlds. For like-minded Tarot readers, he has been rendered an acceptable and useful force in the Tarot pantheon.

Our Hierophant card, today, is reversed, putting me in mind of two very recent events for two very different reasons.

The first--did you guess it?--is the falling accident and broken wrist suffered by the current pope.

The second--did you guess it?--is the passing of Walter Cronkite, perhaps the most venerable mediator of information. Having grown up watching "Uncle Walter's" news broadcasts--and having had some brushes with media and journalism, myself, I feel very wistful at this loss, especially in this age of the Internet and social media networks.

My "secret sauce" is showing pretty heavy energy on this reversed Hierophant, causing any or all the following possible effects:

--Something that was said to be so, on the best authority, is revealed to be not so.

--A position or opinion firmly held is suddenly flipped.

--Something held tightly is released.

--Authority figures are questioned and exposed and/or deposed.

It's a good day to bear in mind that what appears to be set in stone might not be. There might be a good deal of rumbling and grumbling as forces attempt to hold onto the status quo, but the energy of change will be every bit as fierce and will prevail.

For yourself, consider choosing to allow the Hierophant to access his/her ability to understand a new reality by blending in with it and learning everything about it. Willing release and adaptability will help you today. Resistance will cause stress and damage. Learn a new way of thinking and communicating. Expand your identity. Graciously try something you haven't tried before, and discover new things about yourself.

Wishing you a great day and a wonderful weekend!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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