Thursday, July 30, 2009

Magickally-Crafted Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Eight of Cups and Feed Your Spirit.

Feed Your Spirit is one of the Trust Your Vibes cards by Sonia Choquette. Today, it partners with Tarot's Eight of Cups to suggest that you turn your highest skill towards creating the best and giving the best to yourself.

Here's a prime example: If you can, find time to shop for the best ingredients and cook an excellent meal for yourself (and maybe some lucky others). But even if you can't follow this suggestion in a literal way, you can certainly spend your day make loving choices on your own behalf. In all matters, treat yourself with respect and generosity.

When you feed your spirit, you need not grasp at things that are empty of value.

Concentrate. Pay respect and attention to what you are doing. Be alive in the moment, and put your full self into your actions.

If you generally do not have time or make time for spiritual practice, commit to devoting even just ten minutes to some form of spiritual attunement today, or to service. Do this today. Do it over time, and build your mastery.

For those of you are already engaged in a serious spiritual practice, know that very high energies are working with (and on) you today, nourishing you, crafting you and your experiences.

Have a satisfying day!

Eva :-)

©2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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