Thursday, July 9, 2009

A quartet of Magickal Days

Today and the following three Magickal Days are powered by:

Today: Six of Wands reversed

Friday: The Hierophant

Saturday: Nine of Wands

Sunday: Seven of Pentacles

Whoa! Four cards at once, Eva?

Yes. I'm going out of town for a few whirlwind days of museum-hopping. So, here's a guide to the next few days in Tarot magick:

Six of Wands reversed: Let this card remind you of all that I've said before about Jupiter retrograde. For a variety of reasons, my "secret sauce" tells me, Jupiter is retrograde in so many ways today, it's virtually doing back flips. On the positive end of things, take the opportunity to pat yourself on the back whenever appropriate and necessary. You might not get the kudos from the external world--not right away, at least--but you have to believe in yourself and love yourself fiercely.

On the other hand, some of you might need to pay attention to the possibility that you're not recognizing--or taking in--respect, admiration and acknowledgement when it's there for the taking. You might need to look at that a little bit and see what's keeping you from enjoying and building upon the fact that others do indeed think well of you.

A further meaning here, applying to some of you, involves timing: Have patience; a little bit longer, and you will see the thing accomplished.

The Hierophant: Friday's card interested me more than all others. I immediately got the impression of something sticky--like double-sided tape. That's kind of funny, since The Hierophant, as I see him, is always between things, providing connection. Friday's Hierophant is definitely connecting by pasting or gluing things together on either side of himself. There's also the attraction factor, says my ever-helpful, ever provocative "secret sauce." One literal interpretation that might please (or frighten) all of you is the possibility of more love than you can handle! Take that literally or metaphorically. Just know that connections will be forged where necessary (and sometimes where unexpected) and that that could be just great or it could increase the need to be discerning about just what/who it is you're connecting or being connected to. Oh, boy!

Nine of Wands: On Saturday, memories of an old battle come to mind. You might find yourself feeling an inexplicable rush of apprehension or bitterness or vulnerability followed closely by a sense of your own integrity and strength and…I can only call it "okay-ness." It's like something from your past takes a sudden walk through your nervous system, lighting up certain trigger points. There's a reason for this. Maybe it's important that you become aware of this unconscious, body-stored history and also acknowledge the reality and victory of your survival.

Seven of Pentacles: Sunday is, indeed, a good day of rest and reflection upon the present or potential fruit of actions taken or the successful effort to move through difficulties. If the weather warrants, get a little sunshine, then spend some time by yourself, pampering yourself, perhaps meditating, writing in your journal or, at least, listening to your own thoughts.

Wishing you a most magickal weekend!

Eva :-)

©2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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