Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Magickal Guardian Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the Knight of Swords.

You are probably not aware that I get the day's card not always by physically drawing it from a selected deck but often by allowing an image to come to my mind's eye. After decades of working with Tarot and other symbols, I no longer need the decks--although I still love them, love my collection and will use the physical cards in readings in order to give my clients some reassuring grounding and orientation.

I'm telling you this because, today, the Knight of Swords was my Tarot-style interpretation of the actual image of a U.S. soldier, one deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan, that came to mind. The Tarot archetypes can--and do--manifest in contemporary ways.

Our "knight" is watchful, but the feeling that came along with his appearance suggested that he was telling us to keep watch on him and for him. He is asking for a heightened concern for his well-being. In a time when our nation's war strategies have come under debate, re-evaluation and potential change, it's certainly likely that this message speaks to the situation for all of our men and women in service abroad in Iraq and, particularly, Afghanistan. However--as a card-of-the-day--this image may speak to you individually if you have a loved one or colleague in service.

No matter where you stand on the complex issue of how to engage with  Afghanistan more effectively, please do bear in mind the human cost of war to all affected by it. Send out prayers and positive thoughts to help political and military leaders recognize and take the best, clearest path towards one day bringing an end to these conflicts.


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