Friday, September 21, 2007

While the solar self sleeps

Sleep learning, sleep healing, sleep divination, sleep creativity, sleep spells for manifestation. They are all possible. Try asking your guide(s) to speak to you, instruct you and work with you while you sleep. And I mean it: that's all you have to do. Sleep, and your guide(s) and your lunar self will team up and go into action.

I often wake up overnight or in the morning with wonderful bits of new information, creative ideas and solutions to current concerns. That's fairly normal, I think, but you can fine-tune and boost this process by taking a few moments as you're about to drift to sleep to specifically ask for what you need and declare your receptivity to whatever Spirit intends for you.

Always ask in the name of the highest good for all and harm to none, in gratitude for Spirit's past and present graces in your life, and with a recognition that Spirit ultimately expresses wisdom and intention in ways that you--or at least your little local self--might not anticipate, even ways that you might find highly amusing!

Keep a notebook and pen nearby so that you can quickly jot down the information you receive before it fades into the aether or before your usual morning busy-ness distracts you.

The information you receive can take many different forms, some of them very subtle; so, pay close attention. You might get very clear, direct words; some relevant song lyrics or lines from poetry; a passage of music; a visual image; a vague but persistent undertone of feeling; a burst of energy. You might be reminded of something that you had forgotten. You might get a warning or be saved from making an error, or you might suddenly know where to find something you had lost. You might feel a calling to go somewhere without knowing that you'll encounter someone who has the answer to your question.

Try this tonight. Sincerely ask for the spirits who work with you to help you take care of something that's been on your mind. Commit yourself to at least carefully considering the wisdom of what you learn and, accordingly, following through with action on your end.

Have a restful night and sweet dreams!

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