Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You're soaking in it!

Remember that old commercial with Madge the Manicurist, touting the gentleness of Palmolive dishwashing liquid while her client dips her hands in a bowl that turns out to contain the very same Palmolive? A laugh riot, right? Okay, those were simpler times, but that's the way I think about the spirit world: we're soaking in it. In fact, we're an integral part of it. Some people turn themselves inside out trying to figure out how to contact and work with it. But engagement with the spirit realm is kind of a duh thing.

Many spiritual and metaphysical teachers emphasize the teaching that we really are spirits, first and foremost, as well as incarnate humans. This philosophy makes matters way easier. Connection with the spirit world involves affirming and realizing your spirit self. Why should it be a hassle (or even scary or dangerous) to commune and communicate with the spirit world, when you yourself are part and parcel of it?

View your day-to-day existence from the perspective of your knowledge and wisdom as a spiritual being who, for a precious stretch of time, has chosen to be localized in a body, and you will more readily discover amazing resources of energy, healing, information, creativity and wisdom applicable to the challenges of your daily life.

This post is dedicated to the memory of actress Jan Miner--Palmolive's Madge--who passed away in 2004 at 86.

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