Friday, September 4, 2009

Magickal Hummingwitch Day


Why call this blog hummingwitch?

Because humming is something we all might tend to do--say, when we're cooking a meal or washing the dishes. As such, it evokes the age-old kitchenwitch way of life, one that utilizes what one has close to hand, the everyday magick of everyday household tools and resources pressed into service, at times, for a little something extra-special.

Humble. Earthy. Practical. There when you need them.

Moreover, humming can be a kind of secret, wordless chant that anyone can do, a sound vibration with magickal and healing effects for the vocalizer, the listener, the environment and all within it.

The hummingwitch, then, musically conceals the nature of his/her verbal intention (spell) while powerfully building, projecting and transmitting it.

So, for today, I invite you to explore the power of intention, of humming and of humming your intention.

Form a specific intention in words and, if possible, vivid imagery. Check in with your feelings. How do you feel? What is the energy of your intention? Can you now allow those words, images, feelings and energy to generate a musical hum?

You need not hum any actual song. Just allow a simple melody of any kind to come through. If there happens to be a specific song that sums up what you're experiencing and intending, then go right ahead and hum it. But the best hum is the one that arises from deep within you.

You can start softly and let your volume gradually increase. Or do just the reverse: Go from a louder hum to a quieter one. You can start with and maintain a nearly inaudible but, paradoxically, powerful hum just under your breath. Or you can do a silent hum in your mind alone. Try different approaches to your humming practice, and see which feels right and most effective for you according to your immediate needs and intention.

Remember, when you hum, no one will suspect that you're doing magick--unless they subscribe to this blog! :-D

Have fun and, as you try this practice and others, write in and let me (us) know how they're working for you! Thanks!

Eva :-)

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(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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