Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Magickal Mirror Day


So what if you don't own a Tarot deck? You have any number of divination-ready devices close to hand, and one of them is frequently right in front of your face!

Look into your bathroom mirror, a wonderfully portable pocket mirror, any mirror or suitably, clearly reflective surface; size does not matter. Breathe deeply, steadily and evenly. Clear your mind and take a few steps back from the emotional heat of whatever might be preoccupying you.

Spend some moments just gazing into the mirror. You will see yourself, of course, but--with practice--you will eventually begin to see beyond your physical self and to sense the energies that course within you and around you. You may begin to sense--or even see--aspects of yourself that do not belong to this current time or place but that hold significant information about your current concerns.

You can ask a question and receive an answer in various subtle ways, some of which might not manifest right away (for example, a later dream or, perhaps, a conversation with a friend). So, stay alert!

Have a beautifully reflective day!

Eva :-)

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