Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Magickal Sparks Day


This Magickal Day is powered by the element of Fire.

Perhaps you'll need a fire lit under you to really get going today.

Or you're overly sensitive and easily irritated, at the mercy of needling pockets of internal fire when something gets under your skin.

Or maybe your fire will come in the form of sudden, star-like flashes of awareness and insight.

In any case, Fire governs your day, and it represents an impetus to clear something out of the way so that you can move forward. Fire spurs you to take action.

Set a controlled fire--one that gives light and burns away what is no longer needed.

Set a fire for warmth or for enthusiasm. Keep it reasonably contained so that it does not run away with itself and so that it performs a specific job for you.

Set a fire that lights up and motivates others. Your influence can be positive, very strong and viral, as we like to say on The Internets.

Make space for play, for humor and merriment, sometime today. You may revisit something connected to your youth that is a happy or a silly memory. It's amazing what lives on within you!

Wear one item of clothing in a fire color--red, orange, gold or yellow.

When you feel low in energy or when you have to present yourself in front of others, call up the energy of Fire. Visualizing and internalizing the feeling of one of the Fire colors can help with this. Keep a strict, low limit on the amount of time that you do this, as too much Fire can easily set your nerves on edge and unnecessarily disrupt your environment and your interactions. I find that gold is the safest color for the purpose of self-presentation, and yellow is very good for clear mental energy, writing and speaking.

However you address this magickal day and its transformative element of Fire, make it a good one and remember to give something back.

Have a wonderful day!

Eva :-)

(c)2009, Eva Yaa Asantewaa, hummingwitch,

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