Saturday, September 15, 2007

Speaking of being kind to your hands...

Here's another one our dearly departed Madge would surely enjoy: a hand massage that is a great way to relieve the stress on your hands from...ahem...endless blog typing. It's also an excellent way to prepare yourself for creative and channeled writing, visual artwork or healing work.

With gentle pressure, lightly massage the palms and fingers of your hands. Use your thumb to press into the center of your palm. Free the energy of each finger by stroking it upward from base to tip. Circle the tip pads of each finger clockwise. Lightly brush the back of each hand from your wrist to fingertips.

Further activate the energy of your hands by rotating your wrists a few times and then giving your hands a good, loose shake for a few seconds. At some point, you should feel your hands go ON!

You can infuse your hand massage with specific energies: colors, symbols, names of deities or guides, essences of all kinds. Let this be as big as your imagination.

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