Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Magickal in Moderation Day


This Magickal Tuesday is powered by the Seven of Wands reversed and Rhodochrosite.

Never heard of Rhodochrosite? I hadn't either, many years ago, when I first got into crystals. But I soon learned that this rosy/salmon-colored spirit--like its related Rhodonite--acts like a spice. You want to use it sparingly for accent, not in a heavy-handed way. It perks things right up, puts a little pep in any process, but can also act as an irritant if overused. On a day like today, you definitely want to keep the stimulating spirit of Rhodochrosite in the "secret sauce" but just a few dashes, please, because it could easily get out of control.

Why? Well, I'm looking at two reasons:

The first comes from a completely symbolic reading of the illusory disappearance of Saturn's rings today, a phenomenon that happens every 15 years. The rings symbolize Saturn as a force of limitation, containment, even repression. So, today, we might be tempted to act without thought of limits or reason, but the invisible speed bumps are really still there. Be careful.

The other is that 7 of Wands reversed, suggesting a letting down of one's guard, taking a risk.

Get the picture?

Eva :-)

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