Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Magickal Listening Day


Keep practicing your mirror work from yesterday. Commit to at least five minutes per day when you are very busy and fifteen minutes of serious attention to this practice just one day per week when you have more time.

For today, though, we will begin working with a different powerful sense/mode of awareness.

Set up your stereo system or mp3 player with one track of music (instrumental or vocal) for three rounds of repeated listening. Keep a pen and paper nearby. Sit or lie down with your eyes closed, breath deeply and steadily, clear your mind and open your awareness to listening as closely as you can without an agenda, without projecting anything into the music or its lyrics. Just be open and receptive.

When you have listened for three times, sit in silence for a few minutes and let the experience set. When you feel ready, write anything unexpected that you have experienced or learned. Even if you selected a cut of music that's very familiar to you, you may have heard something new in it. If you're listening to a singer, you may discover that you now know something about the singer that you did not know before. Or, perhaps you've found an answer to a question that's been circling around within you for a while.

Deeply enjoy the sounds of your day!

Eva :-)

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Stephanie said...

I will try this! :)