Saturday, September 5, 2009

Magickal Mercurial Times


I have always believed we practice astrology backwards (you know, by focusing more on the effects of certain astrological influences in our lives, rather than the universal purpose for them).

-- Marguerite Manning in "Mercury Retrograde: Above the Hype and Beyond the Spin," on Astrology on the Web (first published by The Llewellyn Journal)

Well, it's our old friend Mercury retrograding again, and doing so through September 29 (with the usual pre- and post-overflow, or shadow periods, of course). After reading through one Web astrologer's truly depressing prognosis, I followed this gloomy guy's link to an article that, paradoxically, offered a refreshing, positive look at what Mercury Retrograde can mean. So, of course, I wanted to share it with you.

Do check it out Manning's "Mercury Retrograde: Above the Hype and Beyond the Spin".

A few more quotes from her article will give you an idea of what I'm talking about:

Mercury retrograde is the astrological influence that “cosmically” revisits, retrieves, and reveals everything that managed to elude our conscious awareness in the preceding 88 days... my humble opinion, there is really no better time to uncover elusive information, find lost articles, or learn what you absolutely need to know than when this little planet is doing it’s dreaded "backstroke" through the universe.

And Manning's remarks about how Merc Retro is a great time to find a romantic partner are a hoot!

I'm going to follow her suggestion and sit down and think about the kinds of hidden or overlooked information and goodies I'd like to uncover over the next few weeks. I suggest that you do the same. Set these retrievals and discoveries as your special intentions. Meditate on them and hum them into being.

Have a remarkable Mercury in Retrograde period!

Eva :-)

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Anonymous said...

Terrific article, a very positive, humorous and empowering take on this celestial occurrence. Like Ms. Manning, I believe every astrological influence has a purpose and now I have a new perspective for this one. Isn't that the real purpose of astrology, to "help" us, not scare us" Thank you Ms. Manning!

Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

If it's not empowering you, what is the point? What's the value? I'm very grateful for Manning's article, too! I'm happy to have found out about her work and look forward to reading more of it. And thank you for writing in!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful piece of writing. Thank you for giving us another (and much better) "spin" on Mercury Rx. I love your site.